Area Information Session

Date:Sep 28 (Fri), 2018. 14:00~16:00
Venue:Campus Innovation Center Tokyo


Date:Dec 6 (Thu) – 8 (Sat), 2018.
Venue:Chiba University
JBEG 44th Public Discussions (Co-sponsor)

Date:Nov 1 (Thu) - 2 (Fri), 2018.
Venue:Tsukuba Seminar House
33rd The Society of Polymer Science, Japan (Ibaraki-district, Kanto Division)地区活動/ibaraki/

Date:Sep 16 (Sun) 2018. 9:00~11:30
Venue:Okayama University
The 56th Annual Meeting of The Biophysical Society of Japan (Co-Sponsor)

International Symposium

Date:Nov 14 (Wed), 2018.
Venue:Université de Strasbourg
Hokkaido-Strasbourg Symposium Biotic and Abiotic Molecular Machines and Motors(Co-sponsor)

Kick-off Symposium

Date:Aug 30 (Fri) – Sep 2 (Sun), 2018. 11:30
Venue:Okazaki Conference Center
The 79th Okazaki Conference ” Synthetic, Biological, and Hybrid Molecular Engines”