Publicly Offered Researches


In this research area, we define a molecule, that transforms a certain form of energy to the other form through a mechanical structural change, as a "molecular engine". This area aims at establishing a fundamental principle toward construction of molecular engines. For this purpose, a cross-sectoral research collaborations among experts of synthetic chemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, soft matter physics, computational science, etc., were organized. Through these collaborations, we aim to construct a molecular system autonomously and efficiently converting various energies. Public researches related to the following research groups are invited.

The research group A01 aims to develop molecules that interconvert various energies such as light, chemical, heat, kinetic, electric energies, etc. through mechanical motions. This group covers researches on artificial molecules, biomolecules and hybrid molecules. In addition, studies on the "field" for energy conversion by molecular engines (e.g. anisotropic field such as bilayer membranes).

The research group B01 aims to construct condensed systems and molecular assemblies with synthetic, biological, and hybrid molecular engines, so as to realize interconversion of energy and information, substance transport, and so on.

The research group C01 covers the precise analysis and measurement of molecular engines. In addition to single molecule and multimolecule measurement, evaluation of molecular engines by structural analysis, spectroscopic and mechanical analyses for evaluation of molecular assemblies are also targeted.

The research group C02 aims at theoretical analyses of molecular engines including de novo design, all atom/coarse-grained molecular dynamics calculation, quantum chemical calculation, hydration calculation (RISM / 3D-RISM etc.), data assimilation method, artificial intelligence, and structure prediction using bioinformatics: analysis of artificial, biological, hybrid type molecular eingines by computational science are targeted. In addition, soft active matters, theoretical studies of molecular engines and their energy conversion mechanisms by non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, and integrated researches of theory and experiments are also covered.