ME-HuB(Molecular Engine Hub)

As a support organization promoting collaborative research within the field, we establish "Hub of Molecular Engines (ME-Hub)" and actively support field-integrated researches.
ME-Hub proactively supports multidisciplinary research collaboration by advice on developing molecular engines, technical support for measurement, theoretical research, synthesis of biological and artificial molecules, and create archive that collects information on molecular engines.

(Molecular Engine Innovation School for Industry-Academia Collaboration)

In this area, seminars are held by corporate stakeholders in the related fields, and as a place for exchanging information on concrete tasks, solutions to solving them, and approaches to industry-academia collaboration, "Molecular Engine Innovation School for Industry-Academia Collaborationl" (ME- Innov) will be established. We aim to create a roadmap for social implementation of fundamental research results in this area.

(Molecular Engine International Cooperation Network)

In this area, while utilizing the complexity of chemistry, biology, and physics, we define the scientic principle of "Science of Molecular Engine", and establish "Molecular Engine International Cooperation Network" (ME -Net) to accelerate social implementation.
Our goal is to organize a system that takes global initiaties. To accomplish our goal, we work for dissemination of papers through international collaborative research, acquisition of intellectual property rights, and sharing of achievements. In addition, we will have molecular engine workshops and symposiums, lecture tour by young resesarchers, and recruit international open researches for interdisiplinary fields.