Date:Dec. 22 (Fri)-23 (Sat), 2023 13:00-,
Venue:Tokyo Institute of Technology
"Symposium -Future Prospects and Challenges of Molecular Engine Research

Date:Sep. 27 (Wed)-28 (Thurs), 2023 13:00-,
Venue:Tohoku University
"The 12th Molecular Motor Meeting"Program

Date:Sep. 20 (Wed)-21 (Thurs), 2023 9:00-,
Venue:Kyodo Omachi Building, Akita
"The 4th Molecular Engine Workshop "Program

Date:March. 22 (Wed), 2023 13:00-15:40,
Venue:Noda Campus, Tokyo University of Science
"The 103rd CSJ Annual Meeting-Co-organized Symposium-"Program

Date:Feb. 2 (Thurs), 2023 10:30-11:30 ,
Venue:School of Life Science and Technology,Tokyo Institute of Technology Build.B2 seminar room
"The 3rd Molecular Engine Workshop"